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Three disruptive investments to stash your cash

Four stocks that should be on your shopping list

Chinese property investors spooked out of our market

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Fund Review

Will algorithimic funds outperform conventional hedge funds?

Why wouldn’t you invest in a sophisticated super computer that can make calculations trillions of times faster than the human brain?

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What We Liked

Week ending 11 August 2017


Economic Insights – 11 August 2017

In this section, we look at the economic news affecting global markets this week.

Market Insights

Market Insights – 11 August 2017

In this section we look at all the important announcements affecting companies this week.

Charts of the week

CHARTS OF THE WEEK – 11 August 2017

From The Herd

3 stocks from the herd – IFL, CAR, CBA

In this section we provide readers with three stocks that have attracted the interest of the broking community or the ‘herd’.

Ferrari Portfolio

Ferrari Portfolio – BUYING a new stock today 11 August 2017

We're buying a new stock in the Ferrari Portfolio - 11 August 2017

My Two Cents

Has removing stamp duty worked?

By wiping stamp duty first home buyers have returned to the property market but at what cost?

X-Factor Stocks

Two stocks that benefit from a bouncing Kangaroo A$

The Australian dollar is on the rise. Here are two stocks that stand to benefit.

Market Insights

Orora posts a bumper profit

Orora delivers a solid result amid concerns about rising electricity costs.

My Two Cents

North Korea just crossed the line, now what?

What happens to the stock market if war breaks out with North Korea?

Ferrari Portfolio

Ferrari Portfolio – Selling two stocks (9th August 2017)

We've sold a few stocks today. Click to see which ones..

Market Insights

CBA result bang in-line

CBA has delivered a solid result following last week's allegations of money laundering

My Two Cents

The Aussie dollar reaches for the sky

What sectors and stocks benefit from a rising Australian dollar?

My Two Cents

Hitting the bullseye (Reporting Season)

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