In this section we provide readers with three stocks that have attracted the interest of the broking community or the ‘herd’. Broker recommendations tend to be biased and highly optimistic. We try and breakdown these barriers and give our own honest opinion. It is important to keep in mind that technical analysis is only one part of the investment process and any recommendations do not give consideration to the underlying fundamentals of each business. CSL – $163.48 – Delivered a robust profit result last month. It posted a NPAT rise of 35% to US$1.086bn which was a huge beat on an expected US$901m. It also upgraded guidance. Revenue was up 11% to $4.147bn, EBIT was up 31% to $1.476bn and EPS rose 32% to $2.40. CSL also upped its dividend by 23% to $0.79. Here are some dot points: Immunoglobulin sales up 13% on trailing period Exceptionally strong demand for Idelvion® (rFIX-FP) Specialty Products sales up 19% on trailing period Seasonal influenza vaccine sales up 43% – strong QIV growth Holly Springs cell culture facility – output up four fold FLUAD® approved in the UK Broker View:  Credit Suisse (OUTPERFORM $170.00) – The broker has a positive view on the stock following what was a robust first half result. It says CSL’s Seqirus product is well placed to compete for market share due to the shift towards higher margin products. A break even result in FY18 is dependent on the level of flu vaccine returns. Unconventional View: We agree with Credit Suisse. CSL is the stock that keeps on giving. The earnings beat has driven a 15% share price rise with shares trading at around $163 up from $142 mid-February. CSL’s profit guidance is now forecast to hit US$1.5bn-US$1.6bn. Whilst the doubters have asked time and time again whether an expensive CSL can deliver growth? Yes it can. It truly is the market darling and sits at the top of this reporting season’s winners list. There should always be a space for CSL in your portfolio, especially this year. CSL is one that you can buy with your eyes closed. Its lofty premium is justified by its growth in earnings year after year. CSL’s ROE sits on a whopping 46% driven by its commitment to investing in R&D and production. CSL has a market leading position and has a number of upside catalysts that allow it to continue growing. We think it is well positioned to continue to grow into fiscal 2019. As long as CSL can grow earnings, its share price will tick higher. On the chart, CSL does look a little ritzy following the recent upside break out and could be hitting resistance. Those wanting to buy might want to wait for an upside break out before buying. The stock has run hard, so we’re just being mindful. All in all, the fundamentals are good and the chart is in a solid uptrend. CSL ticks all the right boxes. Telstra (TLS) – $3.39 – Delivered a welcomed earnings beat last month followed by the payment of its dividend. The result was driven by an increase in its subscriber numbers and lowered fixed costs. The result however did contain a costly write-down. Underlying NPAT came in at $1.976bn which was up 10.3% and above an expected $1.946bn. This excluded an impairment charge for Ooyala (its disastrous US-based intelligent video business) of $273m as it wrote down the business to zero. NPAT was $1.703bn. Telstra also reaffirmed it expectation for its total payout for the year to come in at 22c a share fully franked, including ordinary and special dividends. It also reconfirmed 2018 FY guidance with income of $27.6bn- $29.5bn and EBITDA of $10.1bn-$10.6bn. Telstra added 454,000 NCN connections and has maintained a…

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