Why the Invesco Global Opportunities Fund? Invesco Australia is a privately owned investment manager that provides services to institutional investors, financial advisors, researchers, and direct investors. It manages equity, fixed income, and balanced portfolios and invests in the public equity and fixed income markets across the globe. The firm also invests in real estate. It employs fundamental and quantitative analysis with a bottom up stock picking approach to make its investments. The firm is based in Melbourne. Invesco Australia Limited operates as a subsidiary of Invesco Ltd. The company manages more than $972.6bn in assets on behalf of clients worldwide via a comprehensive range of asset classes, investment styles and geographies. Nearly 7,000 employees focused on client needs across the globe with on ground presence in 25 countries. The Global Opportunities Fund aims to provide long-term capital growth through a portfolio of global equities. It is not managed against a benchmark like most other funds, but the MSCI All Country World Net Total Return is used as a reference benchmark. The Fund primarily invests in global equities that are listed in developed or developing markets that generally have a minimum market capitalisation of US$1bn. The approach take is more of an active and research driven approach. The research team identifies significantly undervalued companies and leverages these opportunities through a bottom-up and fundamental investment process. Invesco basically seeks out companies with the following characteristics: Has an attractive valuation. Can deliver sustainable returns through the economic cycle. Strong characteristics and fundamentals. Solid management. Disciplined capital allocation strategy. The team also looks to identify whether there is an asymmetry between the expected rewards and risks taken. In order to limit the risks taken, the team will generally hold less than 40 stocks at any one time. However the fund does not borrow or raise money against the fund. Cash held in the fund can be anywhere from 0-5%. Usually it seeks to be fully invested at all times. Why the Value Bucket? The Invesco Global Opportunities Fund fits neatly into the Value bucket due to its fundamental value approach to selecting investments. The aim is to find market undervalued companies that have been mispriced. They provide the greatest returns because they tend to revert to their intrinsic value. This means the fund may hold positions for five years or more. Almost every business must…

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