For our newbie members, just to recap: We introduced the Ferrari Portfolio 9 December 2016. The portfolio was a challenge to turn $100k into enough to buy a Ferrari 246 GT Dino. This classic is around the $400k mark. We set quite a mammoth target and whilst we didn’t quite get there, we did managed to score quite a respectable return of 83.5%. We started off with $100k and we turned that into $183k. Bravo. A quick search on Carsales brought up the Ferrari F430 which retails second hand for around the $180k-$200k mark. Not quite the Dino. That’s ok. For 2018, we’ve decided to change things a bit. Many of the new subscribers that have joined recently we unable to buy shares that and replicate the Ferrari portfolio because many had already run. So what we’re going to do, is reset the portfolio to $100k but still work with the same portfolio.

Here is the portfolio as of the 2 March 2018

Here is our weekly commentary on each stock:

  • Boral (BLD) – Hold
  • Costa Group (CGC) – Broken out on the upside. Hold.
  • Origin Energy (ORG) – Despite fall, stock is still in an uptrend. Hold.
  • Aristocrat Leisure (ALL) – Hold
  • LiveTiles – Despite the stock dropping below its stop loss, we are holding on. The stock had run rather hard and the capital raising has brought it back. LVT is still in an uptrend. We are watching.
  • Emeco Holdings (EHL) – Hold.
  • Lovisa (LOV) – Hold. Doing well.
  • Synlait Milk (SM1) – Has done well since we bought it.
  • Sino Gas (SEH) – Is sitting on support. If it breaks this we will sell next week.

Subscribers of UWJ – If you have any stock ideas and think they might be suitable for the Ferrari portfolio please email us as with your then at