We understand that readers don’t always have time to keep up with the latest mobile apps, so we have taken the opportunity to identify a few that retirees may find useful in navigating their way through retirement. These span everything from cooking to saving and most importantly your health.

ASICS’s Money Smart

ASIC has a comprehensive website for financial literature, including the provision of some mobile applications. Track my Goals is one that stood out, it is flexible and can be used by family members and friends ur personal goals on the go in an easy to use manner. More specifically it allows you to set, plan, track and manage multiple savings goals and visualise your progress towards achieving those goals. The science behind it is creating good habits, which it promotes by allowing one to create multiple and realistic savings goals. The app encourages prioritising one’s goals to ensure they can be achieved and provides positive encouragement by tracking your progress. Some examples of its use include tracking your saving for a holiday, wedding, car, house, renovation, school fees or anything else which you have on the horizon. Retirement can be a difficult time as we switch from saving our entire lives to then relying on an accumulated pot of capital to fund every expense. Setting goals and discussing your savings habits can be key to making this transition easier. We think the app ties in well with financial and non-financial aspirations, available for free download via the Apple App Store and Android Google Store.

Australian Tax Office (ATO)

The ATO has bolstered their roll out of technology as they recognise the challenges and needs for individuals managing their tax affairs. They have recognised you no longer need a computer to manage your affairs and more people prefer to do this on the go. The ATO app makes it easy to manage your tax and super. Also, it has some expense recording capability which can come in handy for sole traders. You also have the ability for the app to personalise your deductions to ensure it works for you. You can even do tasks like locate an ABN.
For retirees it allows them to keep up to date with the latest news regarding superannuation and tax requirements in Australia whilst making it easier to conduct tax and super affairs on the go. The app is free and compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices.


It can be a challenge keeping track of medicines at the best of times, what to take and when to take it. Thankfully there is an app which acts as a tool to assist with managing medications. The app is simple to use and visually constructed, which simplifies the whole process. It breaks up your medicines into periods of the day, so you know what to take and in what order. Once the app knows your requirements, it allows you to set reminders, so you don’t forget to take that essential medicine. Even better, when you visit your doctor or medical professional, you can create a status report for them which they can easily view and file if necessary. No more pill boxes, Medisafe allows you to stick to your medication regimen easily. This app is a free download from Apple iTunes store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play for Android.


Gone are the days of having to get out a note pad and pen to manually record what you spent for the month. Technology has caught up, in the form of an app called Pocketbook, an Australian app created for the Aussie market. It makes personal finance simple. No more spreadsheets or manually tracking spending. This app will take a feed from your credit card and bank account, automatically categorising every transaction. Any it is unsure of, it will ask you the first time and then it is automatic thereafter. The app also reminds you when bills are due or upcoming, with alerts on your device. The benefits of having an app like this, are it allows you to understand what cashflow and expenses you are incurring and thereby means you can ensure the right amount of cash is available. It means you can maximise the amount which is invested, such as retaining money in super given its tax efficiency. It also allows you to manage your investment portfolio, by allocating the right amount to liquid assets and allowing you to avoid those sleepless nights. The app is a free download on Apple iTunes store for iPhone/iPad and Google Play for Android.

Cook – The World’s Cook Book

Whilst the younger generation are spending their income on smashed avocado at the local café, we can’t all splurge on eating out. We thought we’d highlight one of Australia’s top cooking app’s, available for free download only on Apple iTunes for iPad. The app has been downloaded nearly a million times since launch in 2013 and a top-rated app around the world. So, what is it? It’s not always easy to store a multitude of cook book’s when you are winding down in retirement and out and about on the go. Cook is essentially scrapbook for you to store and use all the tasty cooking recipes you can fund. Cook doesn’t just let you store the recipes like other offerings, it lets you share and compare them with friends, creating a more engaging experience. You can now brag to your family and friends that you have the best butter chicken recipe of the lot. Or maybe a special take on the infamous avocado on toast, to lure in your grandchildren and let them put their hard-earned dollars to savings for the house they could own. Your family recipes won’t get lost, remaining in the family for generations to come.