In this section we look at two stocks that we think have upside potential. These stocks have been in the headlines in recent times and are definitely worth a look. When assessing these two stocks, we take into account the downside and upside risks and see whether both are worth adding to your portfolio. We also look at the company’s fundamentals, technicals and thematics. As with all stocks, these two carry risk which we urge you, to consider. Family Zone Cyber Safety (FZO) has developed a parental control platform called the Family Zone Platform. It’s an innovative, universal approach to cyber safety. It leverages the strength of on-line filtering, combining it with the features of on-device parental controls and then controlling this through a singular cloud-based application. There are many features such as Filtered internet content and social network, controlling access through set routines and calendars, support for device sharing and split families, simplicity and affordability. The service creates a safe network within the home, business or other network area. It simply plugs into existing networks (e.g. routers) and connects to the internet. It is easy to install, with no software downloads required. It works on most iOS or Android devices and is a downloadable app. The Family Zone App starts filtering when the device is on un-safe network and also offers advanced parental controls such as restricting use of device feature (e.g. Camera) and disabling in-app purchases. The Family Zone Portal is the web application that allows parents to manage the entirety of the cyber safety settings from any internet connected device. The company recently ​achieved ​a ​significant ​performance ​milestone ​with ​more ​than ​20,000 ​registered paying ​subscriber ​accounts. Nearly half of these users joined in the last four months. In the past it took three ​years to gain its first ​11,000 ​paying ​users. Current ​employees ​have ​been ​allocated ​6.4m ​Employee ​Options at $0.33 ​Sept ​2019 ​under ​the ​Company’s ​Employee ​Share ​Option ​Plan. ​These ​Employee Options ​are ​subject ​to ​three ​vesting ​conditions ​being: Registration ​of ​20,000 ​or ​more ​paying ​subscriber ​accounts ​by ​31 ​December ​2017 Registration ​of ​30,000 ​or ​more ​paying ​subscriber ​accounts ​by ​31 ​December ​2017 Achievement ​of ​annualised ​revenue ​in ​excess ​of ​$10m ​per ​year ​by ​June ​2019 The first target has already been met. FZO ​expects the ​user base ​and ​revenue ​growth ​trajectory ​to ​increase throughout ​2018. FZO has also signed a full commercial agreement with Telkomsel. This is a GSM and UMTS Mobile phone network operator in Indonesia. The agreement is to provide the service to Telkomsel subscribers. That’s 165 million subscribers. Indonesia is a tech savy country as well where kids use smartphones for fun. This software will provide parents with a solution to manage their safety. Unconventional View: We quite like the story and think the stock solves a critical problem. Parents are always concerned with their child’s safety and well-being. This app helps solve that problem.…

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