We recently introduced the Ferrari Portfolio. Just to recap – The portfolio is a challenge to turn $100k into enough to buy a Ferrari 246 GT Dino. This classic is around the $400k mark. It’s not cheap. Now this is real and it is a live portfolio.

Stocks Sold

  • Updater Inc (UPD) – We are selling Updater. The stock hasn’t performed following its Quarterly Activities Report. The chart isn’t looking good either, so we’re out.

Stocks Buying

  • Cann Group (CAN) – We’re buying the cannabis stock. The Australian Cannabis sector seems to have taken off again with cannabis stocks rallying over the last week. Cann Group announced that it has been granted a licence to import and/or export cannabis genetics and medicinal cannabis products by the Australian Government Department of Health, through the Office of Drug Control (ODC). We see this as a positive trend, so we’re jumping onboard.

Ferrari Portfolio