We recently introduced the Ferrari Portfolio. Just to recap – The portfolio is a challenge to turn $100k into enough to buy Jamie Nemtsas, founding partner, his long desired Ferrari 246 GT Dino. This classic is around the $400k mark. It’s not cheap. Now this is real and it is a live portfolio. Selling Sigma We’ve bought a few stocks in the portfolio that haven’t performed well and have hindered our performance. It’s time to cut losses and get rid of them. Origin Energy (ORG) – We are holding. The stock is still in uptrend and tracking along ok. Ripple Currency (XRP) – Is still underwater but we’re holding on. Stop loss set at 0.21. CIMIC (CIM) – Chart is ok. Share price has rallied rather hard but we’re keeping an eye on it. Stop loss set at $38.25. Orocobre (ORE) – Is doing well. We’ve moved our stop loss up to $4.25. Sigma Group – (SIG) – SELLING. After falling the stock has done nothing over the past few weeks. We’ve lost patience. We’re out. Western Areas – (WSA) – We’re holding. Shorts have unwound from 20% of the register to 14%. We were reading an article by Shaw and Partners that had a bullish BUY on WSA. It said to buy on the dips as the backdrop for nickel prices was firming. Fisher & Paykel – (FPH) – Holding. Chart looks ok. The stock is making higher highs. LiveHire (LVH) – We are holding. Chart is ok. Alderan Resources (AL8) – Holding. Whilst we’re disappointed in the stock’s performance, we realise that we bought right at the top. If you look at the chart, the stock is still in an uptrend formation and hasn’t broken its support line. In-fact it looks…

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