We recently introduced the Ferrari Portfolio. Just to recap – The portfolio is a challenge to turn $100k into enough to buy Jamie Nemtsas, founding partner, his long desired Ferrari 246 GT Dino. This classic is around the $400k mark. It’s not cheap. Now this is real and it is a live portfolio. Selling Sigma We’ve bought a few stocks in the portfolio that haven’t performed well and have hindered our performance. It’s time to cut losses and get rid of them. Origin Energy (ORG) – We are holding. The stock is still in uptrend and tracking along ok. Ripple Currency (XRP) – Is still underwater but we’re holding on. Stop loss set at 0.21. CIMIC (CIM) – Chart is ok. Share price has rallied rather hard but we’re keeping an eye on it. Stop loss set at $38.25. Orocobre (ORE) – Is doing well. We’ve moved our stop loss up to $4.25. Sigma Group – (SIG) – SELLING. After falling the stock has done nothing over the past few weeks. We’ve lost patience. We’re out. Western Areas – (WSA) – We’re holding. Shorts have unwound from 20% of the register to 14%. We were reading an article by Shaw and Partners that had a bullish…

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