In this section, we will look at two stocks we think stand to benefit from a rising Australian dollar. For one reason or another we think investors should look at either of the two stocks when putting together a portfolio. When assessing them we look at the story behind these companies and we assess them both fundamentally and technically. As with all stock, these too do carry risk which we urge you, as always, to consider. Flight Centre (FLT) – Is a global travel agency business with services in Australia, New Zealand, US, UK, Africa, Middle East, Asia, New Zealand, and Europe. The company has 30 brands with four categories of brands which are Leisure, Corporate, Wholesale and other. The Flight Centre and Escape Travel brands are aimed at the mass market, Student Flights and Intrepid My Adventure Store at the youth market, Travel Associates at the premium market and Cruise about at the cruise market. Its main purpose is to assist travellers with bookings and overseas travel packages. It’s well known that travel companies such as FLT struggle with a falling Aussie dollar. That’s because a weaker dollar discourages Australians from travelling abroad as it costs more. Over the years FLT has expanded globally, so the effect has been less as dramatic but it still seems to hold true. Keep in mind there are also other variables to take into account such as airfare discounting. The opposite is also true. With a rising Australian dollar, Flight centre’s Australian outbound travel growth increases as Aussies seek to travel abroad and take advantage of their higher purchasing power. Australians change their travel habits. Instead of travelling…

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